Tuesday, October 23, 2012

 I made some treat bags!
 Thought I would show my nails!!!!

 I also made Rosettes!!!!
 Here I am with the birthday girl!!!
 Me & MY Sisters Karen & Betty!!
 Betty made this Awesome pumpkin,,is'nt it so cute!
 This one was awesome too!!
 My Niece Kat & Nephew Issac, The Pirates!
 Me as a Candy Corn Witch.
 My Sister Karen,,PEACE MAN or should I say Ginny from Forest Gump,,LOL
 My Niece Katelin, Miss Pirate, She was the prettiest Pirate I have ever seen.
 My Brother Chris,,had to try on Karen's glasses
 Karen & Kat showing off my creations!!!
 My sister Betty  (Cleopatra) & the birthday girl Aliyah
 More cake pops,,

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